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Jobbers Of The Realm: A Pathfinder Actual Play Podcast

Oct 12, 2019

We finally continue CJ's decent into the depths of the Clarity Springs Hotel and Resort! What will he find? A shorter than usual episode!

Feb 10, 2019

Oh great, here we go again with the TIME shenanigans. Well guess what buckos, that's only the tip of the shenanigans iceberg! We got so many dimensional distortion nonsense for ya today its or something! 

Jan 18, 2019

Our heroes take a trip and nothing bad will happen ever. Everything will be fine forever and there's nothing to fear. 

Don't look at the arc's name it's not important. 


It's fine. 

Dec 31, 2018

After a long and grueling (but emotionally satisfactory) tournament, Our heroes are on a quest for REST AND RELAXATION! I mean everyone deserves a break every now and then, yeah? 

But before all that, we got some busy work to take care of!

Sep 14, 2018

Let the battle begin! Will our heroes triumph over their final foe? Will they claim the title! Oh what tension! What intrigue! What a good reason to tune in!